« Interact or recharge, privacy folds and unfolds »  G. Hiétin

Orri by Noppi

A first creation is fundamental.
It is statement that set the tone for the future.

What do you see?

A chair?

Actually, it is an unexpected access…

…to calm and privacy.

Our first answer for modular privacy

Since armchairs can be used in both social settings and private settings, it seemed like a good item to start with.

Yet Orri is no regular chair

It echoes your state of mind.
Feel like sharing, it welcomes you for a social moment.
Feel like having a time off, it shelters you from your surroundings.

Handmade in France

Best in class artisans are involved in creating Orri.

Some of them are EPV, the French certification of excellence.

Designed to last

Orri will outlive its owner. From the early stage of the design phase, we have made sure of it.

Orri is made of premium materials and fabrics and can be easily fix. Each unit is numbered and signed.

Orri will age with you and with its next owner.

Technical features

L 47.3 x W 51.2 x H 41.7/57.1 inch

Wood structure, fabrics, leather details

Patent pending acoustic cover

Available options

Available options (color, fabrics).

Taylormade approach upon request.

Orri’s perspectives

Design Gaël Hiétin

Gaël grew up on Goree Island, Senegal. 

He has grown at the heart of cultures where elements have souls, where objects have power, where narratives weave invisible bridges between men and what surrounds them. So, of course, the way he looks at things carries the uniqueness that characterizes his projects.

Gaël is looking for sensory, emotional and magical interaction.

He aspires to animate the inertia, to make tangible the intangible through a creative approach inspired by biomimicry, animatics and polysensoriality.

a quote

Award winner
Future On Stage

Noppi awarded by Future On Stage – Maison&Objet.

Faithful to its vocation as a revealer of talents, Maison&Objet launches Future On Stage, a new springboard to support young and remarkable enterprises in the decor, design, and lifestyle fields.

Three award winners, selected by a panel of experts, will be in the spotlight during the Maison&Objet fair from January 19-23, 2023.

It offers buyers, always in search of newness, the chance to discover all the vitality, dynamism, and creativity of these new talents who are creating the future.

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